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Mango Wood Furniture at Gallery Furniture in Houston, TX, USA

Mango Wood Furniture

Gallery Furniture is proud to offer solid Mango wood furniture. Mango wood has been cultivated in India for over 4,000 years. Traditionally, it is a symbol of love and fertility. Our furniture is hand-crafted from the oldest trees which have stopped bearing fruit, so that younger trees can be replanted in a self-sustaining ecological cycle. By continuing this cycle of using and replanting Mango trees, Gallery Furniture demonstrates care for the environment, while using Earth's valuable resources to create beautiful, long-lasting furniture! And, our customers get to enjoy top-quality, solid wood furniture!

Heirloom Furniture

Every piece of Mango wood furniture is built by hand with superior skill and the utmost care and craftsmanship. Using only the best Kiln-dried wood and hand planed surfaces, each piece is packaged to ensure your furniture will last for generations to come.

Ecological Choice

Mango wood is one of the most sustainable hardwood choices on Earth. In addition, it is durable and makes for truly gorgeous furniture. Our Mango wood is finished in a 7-step, water-based process that is safer for both our craftsman and the environment! The entire process is time consuming and detail-oriented, with the end result being a beautiful and tough piece of Mango wood furniture!