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Promotional Checks from Gallery Furniture Football Promotion

Did You Qualify?

If you purchased more than $5000 in furniture and accessories (excluding electronics) during Gallery Furniture's Pigskin Promotion January 15-19, 2014 and submitted the correct selections of the team from Denver and the team from Seattle in the football games on January 19, you have qualified for your choice of:

A refund of your full furniture and accessories purchase price (minus tax, services, and delivery fees)


A Gallery Furniture store credit for 150% of the value of your purchase (minus tax, services and delivery fees)


To Get Your Refund

To receive your refund, please visit our store at:

6006 North Freeway

Houston, TX 77076

and ask for Mack at the front desk.

Refunds are available now!  Qualifying customers are encouraged to visit Gallery Furniture January 24 - 26, to pick up your refund checks.  Bring your family and friends for a photo opp with Mack!