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Mango & Made in America Solid Wood Furniture

Solid Wood Furniture

What sets Solid Wood Furniture apart from the rest?

Gallery Furniture is excited to offer a full line of 100% Solid Wood furniture that is completely Made in America!
When it comes to looks and durability, there is simply nothing better than solid wood furniture. Select hardwoods such as cherry, oak and maple have a tight grain structure due to their slower growth which results in a stronger wood that lasts longer and resists wear over time. Solid wood furniture is more resistant to warping and cracking and presents the treasured look that only real solid wood has.

Jim McIngvale Demonstrates the Strength of American-Made Solid Wood

Solid Wood Furniture Construction

Wood is sensitive to heat and humidity so joints need to allow for expansion and contraction, in order to relieve tension that may cause splitting. There are several styles of joints used in quality solid wood construction to allow the wood to remain durable and beautiful for years!

Dove Tail Joint
DoveTail - Dovetail joints tightly interlock, creating a sturdy connection. Woods with minimal expansion characteristics are generally used for dovetail joints.
Mortise Joint
Mortise and Tenon -The mortise is a cavity cut with precision to fit the shaped tenon piece for a very strong joint.
Miter Joint
Miter -This joint is made by beveling each of two parts to be joined, usually at a 45° angle, to form a corner, usually a 90° angle.
Tongue and Groove Joint
Tongue and Groove - A strong joint which requires glue, the tongue and groove joint is widely used for re-entrant angles.

Discover: Solid Wood Craftsmanship

Fine solid wood furniture is not just a pretty face but is a work of art engineered with time honored traditional building techniques that are evident right down to the core.
Below are a few reasons why your solid wood furniture purchase is an investment for generations to come:

  • Dovetailed Drawers
  • Durable Drawer-bottoms
  • Smooth Finishes with No Rough Edges
  • Drawer Interiors & Unexposed Surfaces are Sanded and Sealed
  • Chests & Tables Remain Rigid when You Apply Weight (No Rocking)
  • Drawers & Doors Operate Easily and are Flush with Surfaces when Closed

Our Solid Wood Furniture