Seabiscuit Power Loveseat with Power Headrest

Seabiscuit Power Loveseat with Power Headrest


Item #: 131181163
Dimensions: 60" W x 42" H x 41" D
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Soft lines and curves of Seabiscuit love seat silhouette are seen in the rounded back cushion and fully padded footrest. Padded overlays flare outward on the armrests for a clean, sculptural effect and a soft curve in the seating cradles you for optimal comfort. A power reclining mechanism lets you change angles effortlessly from an upright to a fully reclined position, and a dual power button allows you to independently adjust the headrest for custom relaxation. Gallery Furniture delivers today! Recline and Relax in style.

  • Leather power reclining sofa
  • Power headrest
  • Built in USB

If your living room or family room is ready for a re-do or makeover, no better makeover's available than the beautiful sea biscuit gray power reclining sofa, power reclining loveseat, power reclining console loveseat, power recliner available right now at Gallery Furniture. This oh so comfortable sea biscuit gray power reclining sofa, power reclining loveseat, power recliner has oh so soft and buttery-type leather everywhere you sit and touch, vinyl on the outside. With the push of a button, the power reclining portion goes up or down. It's got a power headrest as well, USB ports on the side to charge your iPhone or your Android phone. This is an oh so comfortable addition to your home, and every night the family will love gathering on this sea biscuit gray power reclining sofa, power reclining loveseat, power reclining loveseat with console, and power recliner for having happy family time. If you want happy family time, you want to enhance your house, make it a warm, comfortable home, buy this sea biscuit gray power reclining sofa, power reclining loveseat, power recliner from Gallery Furniture. Buy it today. It's beautiful. It's leather. It's soft. It's buttery. It's supple. Buy it today. Gallery Furniture delivers to your Texas-area home tonight, free, free, free. Beautiful power reclining sofa, loveseat, chair, the sea biscuit gray and leather. You can't beat it. Buy it today, Gallery delivers tonight.

Additional Info

  • Seat Depth: 22.00
  • Seat Height: 21.00
  • Total Depth: 41.00
  • Total Height: 42.00
  • Total Width: 60.00
  • Arm Type: Plush / Pillowtop
  • Color: Grey
  • Leather Type: Top Grain & Vinyl Match
  • Fabric: Leather
  • Mechanism Type: Power Recline
  • Power Headrest: Yes
  • USB: Yes

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