Mattress Mack’s Community Efforts

How to Help Mattress Mack Give Back

Your support means the world to Mattress Mack and the entire Gallery Furniture family. Every time you choose Gallery Furniture, you're not just furnishing your home, you're fueling Mattress Mack’s efforts to build a stronger, more caring community.

Whether you visit a Gallery Furniture SHOWROOM to explore Gallery Furniture’s ONLINE FURNITURE SELECTION to Gallery Furniture Store Houston Texas, or call 713-694-5570 to speak with a qualified Gallery Furniture sales representative - your purchase makes a difference. With in-stock furniture ready for delivery today, transforming your space also transforms lives.

Even if you're outside Texas, you can still be a part of the Gallery Furniture mission. Explore Gallery Furniture’s online selection HERE and learn about more about your continental US delivery options HERE. Every purchase, no matter where you are, contributes to Gallery Furniture’s efforts to make a positive difference.

Thank you for choosing Gallery Furniture. Your support empowers Mattress Mack to keep giving back - one purchase at a time.


WorkTexas at Gallery Furniture aims to enhance the skills of our community's youth through programs focused on obtaining diplomas and certificates for career advancement. Offerings include High School/Vocational School, HR Resources, Job Search Assistance, Mental Health Service, and more. This initiative uplifts Houstonians by creating job opportunities and empowering individuals to succeed.


Since 1983, the Gallery Furniture Annual Christmas Giveaway has been a heartwarming tradition. Mattress Mack's holiday spirit led to delivering furniture to families in need near his I-45 North store. For 40 years, this tradition has brought joy to thousands of homes. Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture are proud to continue, surprising locals with furnished houses.


When tornados struck Kentucky in December 2021, Mattress Mack swiftly reached out to Kentucky Senator Damon Thayer to offer disaster relief support. With the collaboration of city officials, Houstonians mobilized to aid our friends in Kentucky. Over 10 loads of supplies were transported and delivered directly to those affected.

Mattress Mack’s Efforts During and After Hurricane Harvey

During Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, Houston faced devastation, with over $125 billion in damages and countless residents losing their homes. Responding swiftly, Mattress Mack mobilized Gallery Furniture's delivery trucks to rescue those stranded in rising waters, opening showrooms as shelters for those in need, including the National Guard.

Mattress Mack's Efforts During Winter Storm Uri

During Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, Mattress Mack opened Gallery Furniture showrooms as warming shelters for hundreds of Houstonians facing outages. Over 72 hours, 3,000+ meals were served, and shelter was provided for 700+ individuals. Afterward, Mack, Gallery Furniture, and the community distributed 150,000+ pounds of food and three truckloads of water to over 100,000 Houstonians in need.

Mattress Mack’s Efforts During Tropical Storm Imelda

During Tropical Storm Imelda in September 2019, as flooding threatened, Mattress Mack welcomed anyone seeking shelter at the 6006 N. Freeway Gallery Furniture showroom. He mobilized trucks for rescues, collaborated with local leaders for recovery, and provided free meals for weeks to ensure no one went hungry.

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