Jim “Mattress Mack” Mcingvale and Gallery Furniture are so excited to work with you as a volunteer on Thanksgiving Day at our 6006 North Freeway Gallery Furniture location starting at 7AM until 6PM!

The list of tasks includes:

Trash Cleanup
- Constant rotation of emptying trash cans and re-lining with bags

Bathroom Cleanliness
- Constant rotation of cleaning bathrooms, wiping counters, flushing toilets, refilling any items

Food Service
- One station per person (IE: Mashed Potatoes), filling each plate with one scoop per plate

Food Refill
- Bringing out new, hot pans of food to the service line

Food Organization
- Keeping back of house organized with hot food ready to go

- Greeting guests walking in the door

Guest Direction
- Taking guests to food areas and showing them tables

Table Cleanup
- Constant rotation of wiping down tables and tidying up chairs

Dessert Station
- Plating desserts

Pie Cutting
-Constant rotation of cutting pie slices

Buffet Cleanliness
-Constant Rotation of keeping buffet lines, dessert and drink stations clean

Drink Station
- Refilling drinks

Please fill in your information below to sign up.

You will receive your first confirmation email immediately after you fill out the form.

You will receive a secondary confirmation email sometime between today and the day before Thanksgiving which will provide you with your volunteering time slot and your job.

Thank you so much! We are so grateful for your compassion, charity and spirit of giving! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless!

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