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Mango Wood

Mango Wood Bedroom

Growing to a height of 100 feet and trunks up to 4 feet in diameter, the Mango tree is beautiful to behold. A fruit bearing tree, it serves a purpose and is grown on large plantations in India and Hawaii. While considered endangered in the wild, it is responsibly harvested on the plantations, after the tree has passed its useful fruit bearing lifespan. New trees take its place in the great circle of life. This means it is renewable and thus ecologically friendly.

Producing a lumber that is considered to be among the softer of hardwood species, it is both durable and beautiful when made into furniture. Commonly harvested in Hawaii, the Mango wood used to create the unique, captivating pieces found at Gallery comes to us from the exotic land of India. A land of beauty, grace and a culture thousands of years old. The wood can be a kaleidoscope of colors, spanning the gamut from rich golden browns, to yellow, pink, even black. The pale sapwood is rarely defined. Spalting is found rather often and curly or mottled grain can commonly occur. Grain can be straight or interlocked. What this means is the features that are sought after and prized by wood crafters, abounds in Mango wood. Another interesting fact is that Mango has a high silica content, while making it harder on the craftsmen, it adds unequaled beauty and wood characteristics that you will fall in love with again and again.

How does this relate to your furniture? Whether an enchanting dining room table and chairs or a stately buffet, a dazzling coffee table, or a magnificent bedroom set, you will own a one of a kind, heirloom quality, piece of furniture that will be passed down for generations in your family. A piece of handcrafted art in wood, carefully, lovingly made, by craftsmen at the peak of their trade. Wood which shines and glows with a warmth unmatched by anything man made. It will add style and grace, a nobel elegance to any room it is placed within, and a place of beauty that all who gaze upon it will appreciate, all who use it will adore.

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