The dimensions of a King size mattress measure 76″ x 80″, giving 16 more inches in width than a Queen, but no further space in length. King mattresses allow less partner disturbance and the most personal space (38 inches) for those who share a bed. King size mattresses are also ideal for individuals who prefer maximum sleeping space or who tend to sprawl during the night. These superior sized mattresses use a split foundation, meaning the foundation is made of two twin sized pieces placed side by side. Because of their spacious size, King size mattresses are not recommended to be used in rooms smaller than 12 x 12 square feet, with 13 x 13 square feet being the most suitable room size for a King mattress.


A Queen size mattress measures 60″ x 80″ and has become the most common mattress size for master bedrooms. These sizable mattresses are ideal for bedrooms 10 x 10 square feet and can comfortably accommodate co-sleeping couples or individuals who prefer a little extra room at night while offering more living space in the bedroom. For couples who share a bed, each person will enjoy 30 inches of personal space on a Queen size mattress. Coming in at 7 inches wider and 5 inches longer than a Full size mattress, the Queen size mattress is a better fit for tall individuals.


Full size mattress dimensions are 54″ x 75″and are a great fit for teenagers or children. In order to fit a Full size mattress while still enjoying optimal living space, a bedroom should measure at least 9 x 9.6 square feet in size. However, the average room dimensions for a Full size mattress is 10 x 12 square feet. The Full size mattress, also known as a Double bed, is not actually double the size of a Single Bed, but only 15 inches wider and no longer. For co-sleeping adults, the Full size mattress will offer only 27 inches of personal space, making the Double Bed better for singles!


The dimensions of a Twin XL mattress is 38″ x 80″, making them 5 inches longer than a Twin mattress (the length of a standard King or Queen mattress), but no wider. A Twin XL bed can perfectly accommodate young children up to 12 years old, college dorm rooms or you home’s guest bedroom. To comfortably fit a Twin XL mattress in the bedroom, the dimensions of the room should measure no less than 9 x 9 square feet in size, but ideally will measure 8 x 10 square feet. The Twin XL is a great option for those who are tight on width in a space, but who would like to enjoy the extra comfort provided by the extended length of the mattress.


The smallest of all mattress sizes, the Twin size mattress measures 38″ x 75″ and is usually best for children ages 2-12 years old. The minimum bedroom size to adequately fit a Twin size mattress is 7 x 10 feet. However, a room should measure no less than 9 x 9 square feet if you plan to put two Twin mattresses in the space. Twin size beds are also a great option for bunk beds, allowing you to conserve floor space in the bedroom, while receiving the benefits of 2 beds if needed.


Shopping for a new mattress can prove to be a daunting task. Today, there is a vast variety of mattress types available to consumers and trying to find the right one for your sleep style can feel overwhelming. Each different mattress type offers an array of unique features and benefits and the best mattress for you will depend on your personal sleeping preferences. We hope this guide will help to make your decision a little bit easier as you begin shopping for a quality mattress from Gallery Furniture.


Innerspring mattresses have traditionally been the most popular type of mattress on the market and are made up of three different components: the foundation, the core and the comfort layer. The foundation of an innerspring mattress is the bottom most part of the mattress which serves as support for the springs and coils. The core consists of the springs and coils which are the primary source of support for the sleeper. The number of coils and springs vary from mattress to mattress, but as a general rule, the more coils and the thicker the springs, the better the support will be. The top layer of the mattress is the comfort layer which is upholstered with a comfortable material like foam, and guards the sleeper from the coils and springs below. Innerspring mattresses are also a great choice for the cost-conscience customer, as they tend to be the most affordable type of mattress available.


Memory foam mattresses are a newer technology than the traditional innerspring mattress and are composed of completely different materials which serve different purposes. Memory foam mattresses are made up of a material called viscoelastic which is a type of foam that forms around your body as you lie in it. This beneficial function of memory foam can help to ease pressure points and aching joints as it fits around your unique body shape. Memory foam mattresses also help to evenly distribute your body weight, improve sleep quality by reducing tossing and turning and are helpful for those who suffer from allergies, as these mattresses are constructed with substances that are resistant to allergens.


The term “hybrid mattress” refers to any type of mattress which is made up of two different types of mattress technologies. Commonly, hybrid mattresses combine both individually pocketed innersprings and memory foam allowing you to enjoy the best of both mattress worlds. These mattresses offer the benefits of both the memory foam and innerspring mattress using an innerspring system to support a comfortable layer of memory foam on top. Hybrid mattresses will allow the sleeper to enjoy the traditional feel and support of an innerspring mattress while benefiting from the memory foam as it relieves pressure on the body.


A pillow-top is an additional layer of cushioning that is sewn into the surface of a mattress, giving it extra comfort and padding for the sleeper to enjoy. Pillow-tops can be made from a variety of materials including memory foam, wool and more. Pillow-tops come on all different types of mattresses including innerspring or memory foam, but are usually found on innerspring mattresses, as the sturdy support and pillowy top can make for a great combination. It is commonly thought the pillow-top mattresses are softer or more comfortable than other mattress types, but this is not necessarily true. Pillow-tops come in the soft and firm variety and can be a great option if this mattress type best suits your sleep style.


Use the guidelines below to determine which mattress type might be best for you.


Innerspring mattresses are great for those who want a more traditional mattress feel. Hot sleepers can also benefit from innerspring mattresses, as these mattresses tend to keep you cool throughout the night. Innerspring mattresses may also alleviate moderate back pain and provide adequate spinal support for stomach sleepers. However, these mattresses tend to be bouncier than other mattress types which can be disruptful to light sleepers. Innerspring mattresses are also a good option for back and side sleepers due to the extra support that these mattresses provide.


Memory foam mattresses are a good option for sleepers who need extra support and pressure relief throughout the night. If you’ve recently suffered from an injury, a memory foam mattress is a good choice for you, as these mattresses can help speed up the recovery process. If you tend to sleep hot, the memory foam mattress might not be the best choice for you. However, a selection of Gallery Furniture’s memory foam mattresses contain cooling technology that will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of memory foam without sacrificing sleep temperature.


A hybrid mattress is another good option for side sleepers, as this type of mattress provides great support to the shoulders and the hips which are the side sleeper’s two most compromised parts of the body during sleep. Those who co-sleep can also benefit from a hybrid mattress, as these mattresses cut down on motion transfer allowing you to sleep undisturbed by your partner’s movements.


Pillow-top mattresses are a good choice for those who want a softer and fluffier mattress feel, but who also want firm support. Since pillow-top mattresses are generally innerspring mattresses with a softer top, those who like the support and feel of an innerspring mattress might also enjoy a pillow-top mattress.


Adjustable bases can provide countless health benefits and can improve quality of life through better sleep. These mattress bases can help to improve the health issues and sleep disturbances listed below:

Sleep Apnea, Asthma and Snoring
An adjustable base gives you the option to elevate your head while you sleep. Elevating your head while you sleep will open up your airways, thus improving breathing issues related to sleep apnea, asthma and snoring.
Leg Swelling
For those who live with edema in the legs, it is recommended that they sleep with their legs elevated above their hearts to help improve circulation and fluid retention in the legs. With the simple touch of a button, the adjustable base allows the sleeper to elevate their legs to a position that can help to reduce swelling and pain or discomfort.
Acid Reflux/Heartburn
If you suffer from acid reflux or heartburn, elevating your head at least six inches above your feet and body while you sleep can help to reduce uncomfortable symptoms. Adjustable bases make elevating your head easy and will have you on your way to better sleep, even if you live with acid reflux.
Insomnia can be due to many different factors, including body pains as you attempt to sleep. An adjustable base will help you to customize your sleep position so that you find a position that suits your comfort, giving you the chance to fall asleep and stay asleep.
Adjustable bases can help to relieve arthritis by allowing you to customize your sleep position based on the pain points in your body. These beds also increase circulation and blood flow to affected areas which can reduce symptoms of arthritis.
Lower Back Pain
Adjustable beds offer sleepers far more options than a traditional mattress when it comes to choosing their comfort and sleep position. For those with back pain, this can be beneficial, as the option to elevate the head and legs to suit the highest level of comfort is readily available.