Leather Guard

How It Works

Leather Guard is an advanced technology that will keep your furniture looking great for years. This unique formula offers a 3-year guarantee against stains caused by anything you eat or drink, such as coffee, juice, ketchup, chocolate, and sodas. Also, anti-static properties help repel airborne dust and dirt. UV protection will help reduce fading from direct sunlight. If you want to keep your furniture fresh, clean, and healthy, Leather Guard will help to protect your family, while increasing the life of your furniture by up to 50%! Leather Guard is Proudly Made in the USA.

Note: Stains/discolorations not covered by Gallery Guard include incontinent individual, animal vomit/feces, human vomit/feces, daily soil and dirt, or fading due to direct sunlight.


Protection for Your Leather Furniture Investment

The Gallery Furniture Leather Guard System provides you with the assurance that your leather furniture has been treated with advanced, high-performance, top-quality products.

Every Gallery Furniture Leather Guard System protection is insured by an "A+" rated insurance company. If you move, you can still receive protection service in the United States.

Now you can have peace of mind, knowing that your new leather furniture investment is well-protected.


Gallery Leather Guard's Exclusive Features and Benefits

  • Contains an ultra-violet inhibitor to reduce premature fading, caused by exposure to the sun or other UV light sources.
  • Contains an anti-static additive to repel airborne dust and dirt, which could clog leather pores and cause damage to your leather furniture.
  • Repels water-based, alcohol-based.
  • Contains exclusive protectors, cleaners, and conditioners, all in one convenient, leather-care system.
  • Made in the USA.

Limited 3-Year Protection

Limited 3-Year Protection Against Permanent Staining On New Leather Furniture.

Why Purchase Gallery Furniture's Leather Guard?

Gallery Furniture's Leather Guard System represents the ultimate in leather care technology. The unique formulation does more than clean — it conditions, protects, and prolongs the life of your leather upholstery. Professional cleanings and repairs can be very expensive, so investing in leather Guard will save you time and money.

What are Leather Guard's features?

The Gallery Furniture Leather Guard System is manufactured right here in the USA, using an exclusive and patented formula designed to enhance leather protection, minimize fading, reduce staining, and repel airborne particles that are harmful to leather.

How is Leather Guard initially applied?

The initial application is conducted by trained professional at Gallery Furniture, using safe and efficient standards.

Can't I use other leather care products?

Gallery Furniture's Leather Guard products are designed to work in harmony with the leather — enhancing and protecting the tannery-applied leather finish. This special enhancement process prevents loss of protection through routine cleaning, wear, and abrasion over time. Gallery Furniture's Leather Guard achieves all this without affecting the look or feel of the leather.

What does the Gallery Furniture Leather Guard protect against?

Leather Guard provides protection against permanent staining from all food and drink normally consumed by humans. Likewise, our service protects against human blood and urine stains and a variety of other items.

What types of leather are covered by the Gallery Furniture Leather Guard Plan?

Protection applies to top-coated leathers, semi-aniline leathers, full or pure aniline leathers, and vinyl items.

What is in the Gallery Furniture Leather Guard Kit and how do I use it?

Your new Gallery Furniture Leather Guard Kit contains a leather cleaner, leather conditioner, two application cloths, and a sponge. You will also find a handy consumer guide with detailed instructions on use of the products and advice on leather care.

Is this product safe for children and pets?

When used or applied according to the easy-to-follow instructions, the system products are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and completely safe for people and animals.

Is this leather care system a new product?

No, this product has been used safely and effectively for over a decade.

Is Gallery Furniture's Leather Guard expensive?

Absolutely not. This product has an affordable price, and it will save you money in cleaning and replacement costs.

Okay, so what is not covered?

Excessive ink stains, body oils, daily soil, fading due to direct sunlight, scuffs and scratches, and daily wear and tear. Also, the Gallery Furniture Leather Guard Plan does not cover suede, nubuck, brushed or any other non-top coated leather.

Cleaning Your Fabrics

When a spill occurs, simply wipe with a clean cloth or sponge. Most spills will wipe up quickly and easily.

Clean the stained area using the products and procedures found in the Leather Guard Kit. If the stain remains, contact Gallery Furniture immediately.

For difficult stains which are covered by the plan, or for any additional needs as covered, we will arrange for a professional leather technician to service your leather upholstery at no charge to you.