Gallery Furniture is Houston's Destination for 100% Real Leather Furniture! For over 30 years, Gallery Furniture has offered a vast selection of luxurious, leather-upholstered furniture, in a wonderful array of colors and styles. You aren’t simply buying a chair or a sofa; you’re investing in long-lasting, top-quality, 100% leather furniture that will make your home great.

Invest in 100% leather furniture for your home, and reap the benefits! Leather is easy to clean and well-known for not retaining odors, such as those from pets. Any scratches will blend in, creating a natural appearance and attractive character. Leather is also famous for its resistance to wear and tear, and it improves with age, becoming softer and more flexible over time, giving you a wonderful sitting experience.

Gallery Furniture’s experts will gladly help you make your upholstery decisions, based on your home, lifestyle, and personal taste. With our decades of helping our customers find their perfect, 100% leather pieces, you’re sure to go home happy, remaining in love with your purchases for years to come.

For help finding the perfect furniture for your home, please call or text message Mattress Mack at 281-844-1963!