Ask the Sleep Experts of Gallery Furniture

Are you having trouble getting a good night's sleep? Do you have questions about mattresses, accessories, or sleep? What would you like to ask a sleep expert? At Gallery Furniture, we take sleep very seriously. In fact, Gallery Furniture is one of the few mattress stores in the country that has their own sleep experts on staff. And these are not just salesman who happen to sell mattresses. Our sleep experts are bona fide experts who have studied sleep and mattress technologies for years.

Brandon Jackson

13 Years at Gallery Furniture

Brandon Jackson, Sleep ExpertBrandon is a sleep and mattress expert and is “sleep certified” by every major brand. He’s studied under three of the worlds top sleep pathologists and he’s been to every major mattress manufacturing plant in the United States (including three countries). It’s his goal to help his customer find the perfect mattress and get a restful night of sleep. Brandon reaches that goal regularly; he’s sold more than 20,000 mattresses in his career.

Call Brandon at (713) 398-7672

Mark Gervich

10 Years at Gallery Furniture

Mark Gervich, Sleep ExpertMark has helped thousands of customers find the perfect bed and mattress in his over 30-year career. Mark has accumulated a vast knowledge of bedding and mattress products over the past three decades. He regularly undergoes extensive training to learn about the latest Gallery products, always staying updated with the latest sleep technologies. He likes to quickly assess a customer’s needs, so he can steer them toward the precise bed or mattress.

Call Mark at (713) 417-0438