Are You Sleeping Well?

If you're not getting a restful sleep, it could be that you're not aware of factors that are affecting your ability to get a good night's sleep. Even if you do feel you're sleeping well, you might find you could sleep even better.

Take our easy Sleep Quiz below and find out your Sleep Score.



The bedroom should be cooler than the rest of your home, sleep experts suggest that the perfect temperature to promote sleep is 68 degrees. What would you estimate is the temperature of your room at night?

  •  66-70
  •  70-74
  •  75-79
  •  83-87
  •  91+

Pets can cause major disturbances in your sleep. Pets should be kept out of the bedroom, because scratching and moving at night can leave you fatigued in the morning. Do you allow your pets to sleep in your bed?

  •  No Pets
  •  1 Pet
  •  2 Pets
  •  3 Pets+

In what position do you sleep most frequently?

  •  Back
  •  Side
  •  Stomach
  •  None of the Above

When was the last time that you invested in a new mattress?

  •  Within the last year
  •  2 – 5 Years Ago
  •  6 – 9 Years Ago
  •  Over 9 Years Ago
  •  I don't remember

How much sleep do you get per night?

  •  Less than 5 Hours per Night
  •  5.5 – 7 Hours per Night
  •  7.5 – 9 Hours per Night
  •  9+ Hours per Night
  •  The amount of sleep I get varies from night to night

What is the thread count of your sheets?

  •  0 - 199
  •  200 - 399
  •  400 - 599
  •  800 or Higher

Maintaining a consistent sleep routine keeps your body on a balanced sleep/wake cycle. The body can function more efficiently and you feel more energized. Do you fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day?

  •  Same Time Daily
  •  Same Time Most Days
  •  Same Time Some Days
  •  Never at the Same Time

Sleep experts urge that the bedroom only be used for sleep and sex; any other activities can take away from the potential for relaxing, restorative sleep. Is your bedroom only used for sleep and sex?

  •  No
  •  Yes

Do you use electronics(Such as Laptops, Tablets, or Smart Phones) or watch TV in your bed?

  •  No
  •  Yes

Your bedroom should not have any lights (especially the television) on while you sleep, even light from cell phones and alarm clocks can cause disturbances in your sleep, by preventing melatonin production. How much light is in your bedroom while you sleep?

  •  No Light
  •  Alarm Clock Light Only
  •  Some Light
  •  Multiple Lights & Electronict Gadgets

Do you eat any of these foods close to bedtime: Dairy, Caffeine, Garlic, Alcohol, Spicy Foods, High Protein Meats?

  •  I don't eat the above within six hours of bedtime
  •  I avoid some of these foods at night
  •  I eat these foods After 4PM

Do you drink alcoholic beverages an hour prior to sleep? You should allow one hour per drink to digest prior to bedtime.

  •  Avoid Alcohol All Together Before Bed
  •  Allow an hour per drink to digest
  •  Have a nightcap prior to going to sleep
  •  Do Not limit consumption before bed

Do you write all your worries on a notepad before going to sleep, and then forget about them until morning?

  •  I record my worries prior to dozing off
  •  Sometimes go to sleep with a lot of worries
  •  Frequently go to sleep with a lot worries
  •  None of the Above


Your Score is   which means you're a