Stickley at Gallery Furniture

Stickley Furniture has been America’s premium hardwood, real leather and fine upholstery furniture producer since 1900. This trusted brand has always been dedicated to keeping honor, integrity, pride, sustainability and American values in the production of their quality furniture.

Gallery Furniture offers a wide range of Stickley’s premium Made in America, solid wood, 100% real top-grain leather and upholstered furniture for every room in your cherished home. Stickley’s furniture is constructed using time honored techniques that not only contribute to the beauty and elegance of each design, but that also ensures these pieces will last your family for generations.

Gallery Furniture is proud to be Houston’s exclusive Stickley Furniture dealer. When you choose to purchase luxury Stickley pieces from any Gallery Furniture showroom, you are choosing to support expert American craftsmen and the American economy.

With Gallery Furniture’s SAME DAY DELIVERY service, you can now enjoy your brand new Stickley furniture in your home within hours! PLUS, receive FREE same day delivery and haul off of the furniture you’re replacing on your purchase of $500 or more!

Thank you for choosing to shop Stickley Furniture at Gallery Furniture!

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