WorkFaith Connection

In post-Hurricane Harvey Texas, Gallery Furniture is committing to better the lives of individuals who have and have not been impacted by the devastating affects Harvey has had on communities across Texas. In collaboration with WorkFaith Connection, Gallery Furniture seeks to help individuals find the resources and training they need to learn the job skills that will lead them to a brighter future.

The WorkFaith Connection's mission is to help people in transition build a new life through work and faith. WorkFaith is a Christ-centered organization that exists to encourage job seekers in their hope for a better future and to equip them with the skills and beliefs to gain employment and lead healthy, productive, and spiritually rich lives.

WorkFaith Connection has been serving Houston for more than 10 years and is one of the city’s largest job search training programs. 76% of the graduates find jobs after the program, most within the first 90 days. The program consists of an 8-day classroom training program where students will learn how to effectively fill out job applications, answer tough interview questions, highlight their strengths and abilities, and identify the hidden job market. After the training program, each graduate is assigned a job coach to guide them through the job search process.

The requirements for the 8-day job readiness program are as follows:

  • The desire and ability to pursue and maintain employment,
  • Be at least 18 years of age,
  • An original, current (not expired), and valid government-issued Photo ID and a Social Security Card. (Current receipts showing that these documents have been applied for will also be accepted),
  • The ability to successfully pass a drug/alcohol screen,
  • Stable housing for the foreseeable future,
  • No schedule conflicts (appointments, child care issues, or other obligations) for the entire eight days of the workshop,
  • A commitment to live a life of honesty and integrity, and willingness to adhere to positive standards of accountability,
  • Individuals with felony records are eligible for application.

Many of WorkFaith Connection’s participants will have faced obstacles in finding employment, such as being laid off after long-term employment, re-entering the job market after a major life change, transitioning from prison, recovering from addiction, or simply looking for some hope after searching for a job for an extended period of time. WorkFaith Connection teaches participants how to approach these obstacles with prospective employers and how to communicate that these obstacles do not define them or their abilities.

To get started on your journey to a brighter future with WorkFaith Connection, please visit this form where you can register for an information session by filling out the form including Name, E-Mail Address, Phone #, at which location you would like to attend your information session, which date you would like to attend your information session; and be sure to mention that you heard about WorkFaith Connection through Gallery Furniture! Once you attend the information session, and if you decide that WorkFaith Connection is right for you, you may fill out an application for the 8-day job readiness program.

All of us here at Gallery Furniture wish you all the best, and may God bless you!