You Have Choices

Why Buying Your Mattress At Gallery Furniture Is The Right Decision

When you need a new mattress, you have very definite reasons to do so. Among the top reasons people buy a new mattress is because they haven’t been sleeping well, they have back pain, and theirs is just worn out. Most people treat their mattress buying decision as if they were buying a new car, as well they should.

The single best way to improve the quality of your life TODAY, is to get a great night’s sleep. The importance of the human body getting quality rest cannot be understated. Many studies have been done that show a direct correlation between healthy, happy, successful people and 8 hours of deep continuous sleep. The most important aspect of receiving that rejuvenating, life enhancing sleep, is a mattress that provides a depth of comfort that you look forward to getting to lay on at the close of each day.


What Is Important To You?

When you go to purchase that new, better quality of life, some people simply call a mattress, you should always consider what is most important to you. Is the quality of service and help by professional honest sleep experts you receive important to you? Is the quality of the mattress and the quality of sleep you receive from it important to you? Is what the mattress is made out of and where it is made important to you? Is the professionalism of the delivery staff and their ability to work around your schedule important to you?  Is the quality of service you receive from the company you bought it from after the mattress is delivered important to you? If you are unhappy with your mattress and need the problem fixed a week later, a month later, a hundred days later, a year or more after you purchase the mattress, does the response from the company that sold it to you, matter to you? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding “Yes”, then let me give you the reasons why buying at a reputable company that is family owned and run by the most honest, hardest working man you will ever meet, is the most important decision you will never regret making.


Gallery Furniture and It's History

Gallery Furniture has been in business since 1981, family owned and operated, with Jim “Mattress Mack” Mcingvale standing by the front door making sure your experience and the service you receive in his store, is the best you will ever receive, all 34 years. “Mattress Mack” started with a pickup truck and a dream, a dream to have the best Furniture Store in the world. He wakes up every day with the single ambition to give his customers the best service and experience they have ever received anywhere.

He has built his business on trust, and being honest and fair with every customer. If you have a problem, he has business cards with his personal cell phone number on them at the front door. He lives to make you happy. One of his personal motto’s which also adorns the wall of his 45 North Freeway Store is “If you don’t sleep good, we don’t sleep good”. He lives that motto every day. His community involvement and major funding for charitable causes that make a real difference in the lives of the people of Houston, are well known and celebrated. He doesn't just write a check and get his picture taken, “Mattress Mack” is in the trenches making a difference.

Gallery Furniture leads the way, and is the trendsetter in how a company is doing it right. Whether its the Gallery Furniture Annual Christmas Giveaway benefiting needy families across Houston, or his work with former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton for Hurricane Disaster Relief, or his relentless drive to make and sell the best Made in America furniture and mattresses providing great jobs and great products for Americans to buy, or the fact that Gallery Furniture is concerned about the environment and is striving to locate and sell sustainable earth friendly products, Gallery Furniture stands for the values and beliefs that you do, Gallery Furniture isn’t lamenting the loss of American jobs going overseas, Gallery Furniture is doing something about it.


Mattress Firm's Customers Are Not Happy

Mattress Firm is a large nationwide company that is nothing special. They are everywhere it seems and will gladly sell you a mattress and forget you. They push cheap mattresses, they either forget or just don’t care that a cheap mattress and a great night's sleep are not the same thing. Mattress Firm will gladly sell you an expensive mattress that may not give you the sleep you need, the sleep you deserve, they don’t care, to Mattress Firm you're just another sale. If you want to return or exchange that mattress, well just look up reviews of Mattress Firm on or  Here are several of the reviews of the thousands that exist.

“The most expensive mattress I have ever purchased, more than $1200. After some months of sleeping in this mattress, I started to feel uncomfortable and having lower back pains. I went to the store where I purchased the mattress and they were not accountable for the problem, instead they asked me to send my claim to Mattress Firm Inc. After a very bureaucratic back and forth with Mattress Firm Inc, and after me paying them $ 25, they finally send an inspector home to check my mattress and he realized the mattress had a defect. However Mattress Firm rejected my claim because "Body impressions must be an inch and a half"... So they did not care about me being uncomfortable, they did not care about the almost ONE inch of drop in the mattress. Conclusion: They set the rules of your comfort! On the other hand they claim: "We at Mattress Firm, INC. are very concerned about customer satisfaction and product quality...

"I will never again buy even a pillow from Mattress Firm!” -Oscar of Doral, FL on May 12, 2015 and another one, I went to Mattress Firm in Myrtle Beach, SC and it was a defect in the mattress that I bought and they want to charge me $145.00 to exchange the mattress with a default and it was not my fault. The first one they brought to my house was defective and they switch it out and the new one is defective as well and they are trying to charge me $145.00 to switch a defective mattress that I bought defective. I will never tell anyone to buy a mattress from Mattress Firm ever. They are robbing people without a gun. The store and the workers sucks. Kenneth of Pawleys Island, SC on May 6, 2015 and yet again, Pushy salesman ** was not interested in our needs, just wanted to sell us anything. My girlfriend and I agreed on a cloud luxe by Tempur-Pedic, it was not available in store same day so we put $500 down and agreed to pay the rest once the mattress showed up on Wednesday. The mattress did not show up on Wednesday so we called back Thursday and was told that it was being delivered for sure Friday. 7:30pm Thursday the store manager ** called and said that the mattress is gone from his system and there's nothing he can do and told me that he has two better more expensive mattresses he can show us. I asked if I could speak to an area manager about this issue and he said that they will not deal with customers who purchase from any of the discount stores. What a joke, I am going to attempt to get my $500 back. Will not do business with this company ever again.

Anyone can push an ad out saying they take care of their customers, how many actually do? If you believe these customers, Mattress Firm only cares about getting your money as fast as they can and you don’t really matter.

Mattress Firm pushes long term 60 months 0% financing without also telling you that many won't qualify for it, that you have to buy nearly 3,000 dollars to get it, if you do qualify, it may require a down payment, and oh by the way, if you miss one of those monthly payments, you are going to get hammered with fees and penalties that are overwhelming. Is that something a responsible company does, is that a place you want to do business? 


Building Your Trust

Gallery Furniture and “Mattress Mack” want your business and they are going to do everything within their power to make you happy. No person is perfect and no store is perfect, what matters is what a person or store will do for you when things aren't right. There is one person and one company that have been earning your trust for 34 years, that person is Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale and that company is Gallery Furniture. Build a bridge to a better life with a great night's sleep on a quality mattress delivered TODAY from Gallery Furniture.