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You are invited to apply for our Lease to Own program

$0 (+Tax) Initial Payment
Approvals up to $8,000
*Affordable payment plans set to match a customer’s pay dates.
120-day Early Buyout Option Included
Pay off early any time after the first 120 days
Shop Again and Again: Customer may be approved for multiple leases to access available AFF approval dollars.

*What is Lease-to-Own? *

  • A “Pay-As-You-Go” solution.

  • You make lease payments on item(s) on each pay date.

  • You become an owner by fulfilling lease obligations and paying the total cost of ownership.

  •  Consumer agreement is a Lease, and NOT a Loan or a type of credit.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 18 years old.

  • Have Photo ID, & a SSN or ITIN.

  • Have a Bank Account & Debit Card.

  • Make $800 in net minimum monthly income.

No Credit Needed

  • A credit inquiry will be made.

  • You do not need credit to receive approval.

  • 120-Day Early Buyout Option (EBO)

  • Option to own it early, for less

  • Within the first 120 days, pay in full, the cash price + $50 EBO Fee + sales tax + other applicable fees.

  • $50 Early Buyout Option fee.

*What does “No Credit Needed” mean? *

  • “No Credit Needed*” underwriting means that an applicant can be approved without having to have a minimum traditional FICO® Score, as long as other underwriting criteria are met.

  • American First Finance’s superior technology is integrated with many different data sources so they can get the most customers approved, even some customers without prior credit experience.

  • Will applying show up on my credit report?

  •  Yes, AFF will process a credit inquiry at the time the application is submitted. However, applicants with negative or no credit history may qualify, if other evidence of their creditworthiness is provided and the underwriting standards are met.

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