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From the moment you walk in the door at Gallery Furniture, you are our priority. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience possible and created Gallery Furniture to give shoppers a fun, stress-free shopping environment! Our team of experts carefully crafted each and every factor of your home shopping journey, and we strive to improve upon it every day. At Gallery Furniture, you'll feel like you're spending time with good friends. Learn more about us and our inspiring founder, Mattress Mack, below.

Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture have been proud members of the Houston community for nearly 40 years! Explore our timeline below to learn more about how they got their start.

In the Beginning

Born in Mississippi, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale attended high school in Dallas, and he was a student at the University of Texas and the University of North Texas, where he played football for both schools in 1969-1970 and 1972-1973, respectively. After college, Mack worked at a convenience store where his boss did him a huge favor one day: firing young Mack. Refreshed and determined to make a name for himself, Mack found a job at a furniture store on the other side of town where he diligently worked, absorbing the business practices and trades of the furniture industry. Inspired, Mack made a decision that would forever change his life and the competitive world of the retail industry: to open up his own furniture store. Mack’s brother George worked in real estate and found the perfect location to start his new business: an abandoned model home park located at 6006 I-45 North Freeway in Houston. Mack asked his then-girlfriend Linda to join him in Houston, and she said she would move under one condition: if they became husband and wife.

Houston Bound

The newlyweds arrived in Houston in 1981 with $5,000 and a dream. Mack’s new business venture began in an abandoned, unheated and un-air-conditioned model home park that was formerly occupied by a build-on-your-own-lot home-building company. That same year, Houston experienced a great wave of migration to the city from families all over the country, thanks in part to a boom in the auto, oil, and steel industries in the area. Perfect for Mack, these families needed furniture to fill their new homes, and the newly opened Gallery Furniture primarily sold value-priced furniture targeted toward blue-collar workers. Any profit the store received, Mack would reinvest and put back into his store by purchasing more furniture. Despite this initial success, sales began to decline.

The Slogan That Says It All

During this dramatic halt in sales, Mack took the time to re-evaluate his advertising strategy, which consisted of nailed signs to telephone poles and door-to-door flyers. With his last $10,000, Mack revamped his advertising plan by purchasing television advertisement time. He bought advertisement time on two different networks, where his commercials would loop with announcements for trade schools and worker’s compensation lawyers during Saturday night wrestling broadcasts.

After a long day at Gallery Furniture, Mack stopped by the television station to view the progress of his commercial production. Not liking what he saw, he stepped in at the last minute and improvised where he rapidly spoke, announcing the business practices of Gallery Furniture and ending his pitch with the now-famous “Save You Money” slogan. The ad hoc campaign worked, and Gallery Furniture experienced huge shifts in sales. Mack started branching away from selling only value-priced furniture to include higher-end furniture, attracting a new set of customers to his store. But Mack kept the same promise to all his customers: if you buy it TODAY, we’ll deliver it TODAY.

Donations The Size of Texas

Appreciative of his business’s success, Mack is extremely grateful to the city of Houston. Just as he’s known for his catchy slogan, Mack is equally known for his generous support of various local charities. Every Christmas, Mack donates households of furniture to needy families. Mack is often the high bidder for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, where his contributions go directly toward college scholarships. He is also a proud supporter of the city of Houston, going as far as to attend the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta to campaign for Houston’s bid for the 2008 games and spending his own money for the cause. Mack donated money to the Bush-Clinton Tsunami Relief Fund, and in 2009, Gallery Furniture committed to providing new furniture to various USO centers around the world. On a regular basis, Mack participates in speaking engagements for various groups, including schools, where he shares his fascinating story with eager listeners.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Gallery Furniture seems to never stop, just like its owner. Mack works seven days a week, standing at his desk by the entrance to greet his customers. Like his trademark commercials, Mack can be heard regularly on the store’s loudspeakers, announcing the latest deals and specials.

With such high standards for himself and his store, Mack likewise expects only the best from his employees, all in an effort to provide superior service to his customers. When new shipments arrive, Mack often joins his staff, lifting and lugging the furniture around the store.

A Unique Shopping Experience

Stemming away from the typical and boring furniture shopping experience, Mack has made a commitment to provide customers with an energetic and pleasant shopping experience. On a typical weekend, customers can expect chocolate cake, coffee, fresh-squeezed lemonade, and warm cookies. Additionally, Mack and his employees gather together to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America” to show goodwill towards the troops overseas.

Exotic animals have now become a fixture in the Gallery Furniture landscape. For years, parrots were perched by the fountain, where they can be heard shrilling from anywhere in the store. Several monkeys could also be found in the centrally located cage, ready to excite customers of all ages. Interesting personal possessions throughout the store, such as personalized photographs with athletes, presidents, and other celebrities, are a testament to Mack's legacy.

The Future

Mack expanded Gallery Furniture in early 2009 by opening a smaller-scale version of his main store in the Galleria area, and Gallery's newest store at 7227 West Grand Parkway, which serves western Houston bedroom communities and is an impressive new landmark for the area. As Mack and Gallery Furniture move forward with new and exciting projects, some things will never change, like his utmost commitment to his customers, employees, and community.  

Gallery Furniture
Memory Lane
We thank each and every Houstonian, Texan, and American for being a part of this great journey and community for all these years. Take a trip down memory lane with us by browsing some of our favorite photos, videos, and advertisements! God bless you, and thank you for sharing this time with us!



Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale has always believed in God, country, family, and hard work. A tireless powerhouse, Mack is usually found standing at the front desk of the original Gallery Furniture store on North Freeway, greeting every customer and overseeing the store's sales activities seven days a week. Learn more about how Mack and his hard work have shaped the furniture industry and the greater Houston community. 

Building a Stronger

Every time you choose Gallery Furniture, you're not just furnishing your home, you're fueling Mattress Mack’s efforts to build a stronger, more caring community. Learn more about how your purchases support Gallery Furniture’s mission to provide for those organizations and people who need help.

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See Why Customers Love Gallery Furniture
Top notch buying experience. Sales staff was informative and knowledgeable, without breathing down your neck like other stores. If you needed to discuss issues with your spouse, the salesman was not there getting in the way. Low pressure, and helpful folks all the way around. Oh, and the selection of surprisingly high quality furniture was unexpected. Overall, a good shopping experience. Good Job Mr Jim, you have a good staff!
Jim B.
I have been shopping here since they were in tents. The service is still great. And the furniture is made to last. And the sales person I had tonight was great, Chris asked what we were looking for and took us straight to 3 different items. Made sure we were happy.
Martha T.
We found just the sofas we were looking for while under great customer care. We then went back to finalize this purchase. We now have our sofas. They were delivered the day we purchased them. They were set up with great care and thoughtfulness. Great professional care was given at every point of this purchasing process. Thank you greatly for the wonderful hospitality, wonderful service and wonderful sofas! God bless you and yours.
N Ellis
I had a chance to meet the wonderful people behind this humble and amazing family owned company. I had a best time to see their displays and Pops was amazing to help me out getting what I wanted. Overall the experience was great. Great staff and selections. I managed to met Mr Jim too. I highly recommend this place for all Texans.
Michael V.
We have been purchasing furniture from mattress Mac since 2003, and is still holding strong!! We just purchased 2 bedroom sets for our growing kids and we all couldn't be happier with the whole buying experience. Everyone we interacted with from Roy to Gracie and especially the delivery guys - delivering our furniture in the rain with smiles on their faces. We will continue to give our business to gallery furniture and appreciate all that Mac has done for Houston!!! So Appreciate *
Wendy R.
As soon as we entered the facility, we were greeted with a friendly salesperson who took our list of furniture needs and directed us to the most qualified salesperson on their staff. He explained in detail about each piece of furniture which was very impressive and helpful. Their furniture is very well of the line leather and solid wood. Many of the wood pieces are hand crafted by the Amish, all made in the USA, and many of the pieces we purchased were made right here in Texas. Thank you for making our experience so easy.
Kristi R.



Anyone who has ever shopped at Gallery Furniture will certainly call the trip an "adventure." From the minute you're first greeted at the front entrance, you'll immediately know you're in a whole new world of furniture shopping.