The hot, sun-drenched days of summer transform the landscape outside and change how we feel inside our homes. Living rooms shift away from cozy places to cuddle up and take on a more leisurely, cheerful vibe. Welcome this seasonal change with a summer living room refresh. It doesn’t require a major or costly overhaul to spruce up your summer living room decor – unless that’s what you want! This project can adapt to any budget, timeframe, and desire. So can the following five easy ways to refresh your living room for summer. 

Go for a Lighter, Brighter Summer Color Scheme

A new color scheme is one of the key ways to refresh your decor for any season or reason. With a summer vibe in mind, consider all the ways you can change the color palette of your living room. Quintessential summer color palettes emphasize lighter and brighter hues, often with a base of neutrals like white, cream, or sand tones. For accent colors, think pale pastels such as lavender and duck-egg blue or bright floral hues like marigold or fuschia. 

How about a Greek Isles-inspired bright blue and white color scheme or classic red, white, and blue for the fun of a 4th of July party all summer? 

Once you have chosen a new color scheme for your summer living room decor, there are countless ways to redecorate. It could be a big project involving new paint or wallpaper on the walls and painting or replacing furnishings and fixtures. A simpler version could be an accent wall or just one new furniture item. A single centerpiece item, such as a coffee table, can give a whole new feel to the room. Pale wood furnishings like pine and tropical-inspired materials like rattan and cane are popular for summer themes. 

An easier way to bring a new color palette into your summer living room is by switching out accessories, art, and decor accents. This is especially effective if your walls, windows, and other large areas are already a summer-appropriate neutral color such as white or cream. Store away decor items that don’t fit your summer color palette, and bring in new throw blankets, pillows, lampshades, and rugs. Taking items away is just as effective as adding new ones. That purple velvet throw pillow and the plaid woolen blanket can go into storage for the season. 

Switch Up Your Wall Art for the Season

Changing your wall art is a quick and easy way to redecorate your living room for summer. Find photos and paintings with a summery vibe, such as coastal or lake landscapes, family photos from summer vacations and events, and abstract art that complements your summer color palette. You might match your summer palette with new frames or matting for existing wall art. A few suitable summer themes for new wall art include flowers, citrus fruits, beach scenes, tropical motifs, and maps of favorite summer vacation destinations. Add a mirror to amplify the season’s abundant natural light. 

Rethink Window Treatments

It’s time to store away heavy or dark window treatments and replace them with something more suitable for summer. This is both a decor decision and a practical one. You want to let in that beautiful summer light but have the option to filter it at times when it’s too bright or hot. 

A combination of a light-blocking blind plus loose, gauzy curtains is a versatile choice. Look for blinds and curtains that suit your summer living room color scheme. Consider suitable summer fabrics, such as gauzy linens, seersucker, and gingham.

Add Summer-Themed Accessories

Curate a new collection of decor accents to transform your living room for summer. Always popular for the season are beach and nautical themes, along with tropical fruits and foliage. Items related to summer recreation activities like fishing, hiking, and surfing can also be excellent choices. 

Decorate with shells, coral, beach glass, and driftwood for a beach or nautical theme. Fans, picnic baskets, straw hats, palm trees, flip-flops, and sunflowers are fun summer motifs. Look for vintage fishing equipment, old paddles, or hiking poles to accent an empty corner. A bowl of lemons or limes adds brightness and freshness to a coffee table. 

Bring in Florals and Greenery

Many flowering plants thrive in summer, bursting with color and natural beauty. Enjoy that beauty inside by including houseplants and cut flowers in your summer living room decor. If you have a flower garden, make a routine of cutting fresh blooms for indoor bouquets. Houseplants with glossy greenery are also perfect for a summery living room. Snake plants, philodendrons, and ponytail palms are all easy, low-maintenance houseplants ideal for beginners — so are succulents and cacti. If zero maintenance is more your thing, opt for faux plants or dried flowers, which can look just as lovely in a summer living room.

Choose planters and vases that fit your summer living room color palette. Buy plain terracotta planters and paint them for a perfect color match. You could also get creative and use, for example, large seashells, a small watering can, or wicker baskets as planters.

Ready for a Summer Living Room Refresh?

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