Living room trends are getting bolder and brighter as people confidently express themselves through home decor. The designs are becoming more welcoming through the use of textures and colors. People still enjoy more open spaces but are finding ways to create multiple functions for their rooms with furniture that serves dual purposes. For instance, bookcases allow you to add storage and function to your living room while creating organization among your files. Here are some more of the best trending living room decor ideas.
1. Add Natural Lighting
In 2022, there is an emphasis on natural lighting in decorating. Homeowners are trading their cozy spaces for bright rooms that serve multiple functions, and they want them lit well! To bring in more natural lighting, open up the windows. Push the curtains away from the window to allow in the sunlight. A light color palette on your window treatments and rugs will highlight the natural lighting. Use reflective mirrors to maximize the amount of natural light in the room. 

2. Use Different Textures
The texture of your furniture can set the tone for the room. For example, furry, nubby, or cozy textures will make the room feel more comfortable. In 2022, the emphasis is on comfort. Furniture will have shapely, soft upholstered pieces that let you sink into them. The idea is to let your home envelope you. Your furniture and decor should allow you to relax. Sheepskins, pillows, and throws offer soft, comfortable textures to the room. A textured rug will soften the feel of a hardwood floor and make the room feel more comfortable.

3. Decorate Your Bookshelves
Whether you need a place for your books to live or want to show off your souvenirs from abroad, a bookshelf is a great place to organize and showcase your belongings. If you have a large library of books, the bookshelf may only store books. Mix up the shelves with photos, books, plants, and trinkets to create a decorative space. Group books by color or size and intersperse the groupings with a picture or a piece of art. A bookshelf is an ideal place to show off a pottery collection.  

4. Create an Office
In 2020, more and more people began to work remotely, and many continue to do so. Not everyone has an extra room for a home office, so the trend has been to create office space in your living room. To create a home office, place a desk and some files in the corner of the living room or in a hallway. Home offices carved out of common spaces benefit from the extra comfort of that living area. You can easily take a break and cuddle up on your sofa. To define the office space, use a separate rug and a few key pieces of furniture. A chic divider can section off the area and provide a degree of privacy while you are working. It can also help cut down on some of the distractions that occur in the living room. 

5. Sectional Sofas
As the focus has shifted to comfort during 2022, sectional sofas are a top choice for seating. While sectionals have always been known for their comfort, they were a decorator's nightmare for a long time. The older sectionals were old and frumpy, but contemporary sectionals now feature a variety of colors and materials. Sectional sofas allow for reclining, lazing, and lounging in style. They also fill a space effectively. For example, a U-shaped modular sectional fills a living room and displays a unique contemporary style. Sectionals also provide maximum seating, which is great when you have guests over.   

6. Bold Patterns and Colors
The trend is toward more natural and bright colors in 2022. Sunny yellows, bright sky blues, and garden greens are the trending colors that homeowners are decorating with. The bold colors provide additional light and bring a hint of the natural world to the room. As you decorate, find colors that speak to who you are. Select patterns that you enjoy and that make you feel happy. Wallpaper is coming back, so if you find a bold pattern you love, you can use it on the wall. Decorate with colorful throw pillows, rugs, and lampshades.   

7. Bench Seating
A bench for the living room not only creates extra seating but also has added functionality. You can use a bench for storage, as a table for games, to separate and define the space, and to display artwork. Benches provide extra seating for parties or social gatherings and can double as a coffee table when you don't need additional seating. They look great under windows, and you can even use them as an extra shelf, for instance, to hold a plant, artwork, or books and add some visual interest to the room. 

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