Helpful How-To's

Gallery Furniture's furniture experts are often asked for advice on a wide variety of matters. Many of our customers look to Gallery Furniture for "how-to" help. The following is a collection of videos we have assembled on often-asked matters.

If you have a specific issue that isn't covered here, please feel free to contact us! Your question might become our next video.

How To Sync Duro Bases For The Duro King Adjustable Bed

Kelly from Gallery Furniture shows you how to sync the Duro adjustable bases — in under 5 minutes! — so you can operate both with one remote.

Advanced Ergo Adjustable Base Setup and Remote Sync

Gallery Furniture's own Juan and Jr. take you through the steps of setting up and troubleshooting your Tempur-pedic Ergo adjustable base. They also explain how to sync and set up the remote.

United Leather Home Theater Seating Assembly and Disassembly

Juan and Raymond from Gallery Furniture demonstrate the proper way to assemble and disassemble a United Leather home theater seat.

Flexsteel Reclining Sofa Disassembly and Assembly

Do you have a Flexsteel reclining sofa that won't fit through a door? Juan and Henry, both from the Gallery Furniture delivery team, will show you the proper way to assemble and disassemble it, quick and easy!

How To Level a Chair

Henry from Gallery Furniture shows you the correct way to level an uneven chair, as well as a tip for a quick fix. 

Set Up an HDTV Yourself!

Need help setting up your new HDTV from Gallery Furniture? Watch Al take you through the steps, as he explains the differences between Composite and Component video, as well as HDMI hook up. This is a great video for all "do it yourself" people out there.