Custom Order

Kenny Nguyen - Custom Order Specialist


Kenny Nguyen is a Customer Order Specialist at Gallery Furniture’s Post Oak location. With 18 years of experiencing working at Gallery Furniture, Kenny has completed hundreds of custom furniture orders and is ready to help you complete your own! Please fill out the form below to set an appointment with Kenny.

Craig S. Tapley - In-Home Consultation Specialist


Craig Tapley is an In-Home Consultation Specialist at Gallery Furniture’s Grand Parkway location with extensive experience in special furniture orders. Additionally, Craig has 23 years of experience in the custom order industry and 26 years experience in the home decor industry, specializing in room layout and design with an emphasis on furniture and decor. Gallery Furniture is proud to have had Craig on our team of experts for 1 year and you can set your appointment with him today.

Kathleen - Custom Order Expert


Kathleen Black is a Customer Order Expert at Gallery Furniture’s Grand Parkway location with 35 years of experience working in high-end custom furniture orders. Kathleen has completed custom orders for Sherrill, Stickley, Henredon and more high-end furniture brands that invite lasting beauty and quality into your cherished home!

Roy Ortega - Custom Orders - Solid Wood Expert and Buyer


Roy Ortega is Gallery Furniture’s Solid Wood Expert and Buyer at the 6006 N. Freeway GF location and has been on the GF team for 21 years. Roy has completed several thousand custom solid wood orders for Gallery Furniture customers and has worked directly with all solid wood builders. Roy is excited to help you make your solid wood furniture vision a reality and we invite you to fill out the form below to set an appointment with Roy. For your appointment with Roy, please make sure that you bring along wood stain colors and ideas for your furniture, as well as accurate dimensions of the furniture that you would like to custom order and the room where the furniture will be placed in your home.