We Are Here for You!

In times of need, Gallery Furniture is more than just a furniture store – we're a community hub. Our location at 6006 North Freeway has electricity and will be open to the public to provide essential services and a place of comfort. Here's what we offer:

Charge Your Phones

Stay connected with your loved ones and access vital information by charging your phones at our facility.

Enjoy a Hot Meal

Come in and enjoy a hot, nutritious meal. We believe in the power of a good meal to lift spirits and provide energy.

Cool Refreshments

Beat the heat with our cool refreshments. Hydration and comfort are key, and we're here to provide both.

Air Conditioning

Escape the heat and relax in our air-conditioned space. We offer a cool, comfortable environment for you to rest and recharge.

Please note: While we are eager to help as many people as possible, we regret that we cannot accommodate pets at this time. CLICK HERE For A List Of Shelters That Accept Pets

We Are Here to Help

Gallery Furniture is committed to supporting our community during difficult times. 

Stay safe and take care.