John “Chicago” Udegbunam, or known more commonly by Chicago John, is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional at Gallery Furniture, being a cornerstone of the company for 16 years. Specializing in mattresses and various types of furniture, John is renowned for his impeccable style sense and deep expertise in sleep science.

John was born in Nigeria and raised in Illinois and Houston, giving him a rich and diverse cultural background. This unique upbringing allows him to connect with a wide range of people, understanding that different individuals have different needs. His ability to acclimate to various cultures has been instrumental in his success, enabling him to provide personalized and empathetic service to every customer.

Over the years, John has established himself as a sleep expert, traveling across the United States to engage with leading sleep and mattress experts. His journeys have taken him to numerous furniture and mattress factories, where he has gained an in-depth understanding of mattress construction and furniture quality. This extensive knowledge enables him to provide exceptional advice and service to his customers.

Before embarking on his career at Gallery Furniture, John was an accomplished athlete, giving him a unique perspective on the importance of sleep in maintaining physical and mental health. He has worked with several professional athletes and entertainers, offering expert advice towards a better nights sleep and furniture home design. He leverages this background to help his clients achieve optimal sleep, understanding that a good night's rest is crucial for overall well-being.

John attended both Stephen F. Austin State University and the University of Houston where he played sports and majored in Business Administration. He currently resides in West Houston with his wife and children and has become an integral part of the local community.

Throughout his tenure at Gallery Furniture, John has managed the Post Oak location and worked at all three of Mack’s stores, accruing extensive inventory knowledge. Known for his exceptional listening skills, problem-solving abilities, and outstanding communication, he excels in understanding and addressing his customers' needs.

Whether you need a new mattress or other furniture, Chicago John is the go-to expert who will help you find exactly what you need for a better night's sleep and a more comfortable home