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What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a specially designed piece of furniture, meant to provide easy transitions from a sitting or standing position for anyone who uses them. With the touch of a button on the easy to use remote control, a lift chair can rise to meet a loved one who struggles to sit down, or gently lift them out of a seated position to ease pressure on their joints. These chairs are an excellent solution for many different kinds of people, and come in an assortment of styles to suit your current decor.


Any individual who needs assistance achieving a standing or seating position can benefit from a lift chair. A lift chair is a great solution for those with limited mobility or for anyone who is recovering from back, hip or knee surgery. A lift chair can also help to alleviate the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and insomnia. Many of our lift chairs recline to a flat position, providing a place to sleep that makes it easy to stand or lay and helps to improve circulation. Gallery Furniture’s selection of lift chairs were designed to give a better quality of life for those who use them, as the transition from standing to sitting is made effortless and trouble-free.

Seated Position

In the stationary, seated position, a lift chair will provide anyone who uses it with a supportive, comfortable and restful experience. You may choose from an assortment of upholstery or leather styles, giving you the chance to further personalize your lift chair experience and increase your level of comfort.


Ease the pressure on your joints by raising your lift chair when you are ready to sit down. This carefully designed mechanism will lower you to the luxurious seated position with the touch of a button, and help you to enjoy your down time from start to finish. Moving from a seated position to standing, especially when recovering from surgery or living with conditions such as insomnia or restless leg syndrome, will be effortless and completely worry-free.

Reclined Position

Positioned at the right angles for your body, reclining in your lift chair will help to relieve the compressive load on your spine, expand your lungs for easier breathing, relieve stress and more. With powerful frames and dense cushioning, your in-home relaxing experience of watching TV, playing video games, or just curling up for an afternoon nap will be more rejuvenating than ever before. A large number of lift chairs recline to a completely flat position, providing you with a comfortable place to sleep all night long, and offer easy transitions during the night to adjust comfort.

How do I shop for the Perfect Lift Chair?

Make sure that the retailer you have chosen to shop for your new lift chair provides quality, sustainably sourced furniture and five-star customer service. It’s important that you can trust the construction of your lift chair, and that if you do need help with your purchase, the company will promptly assist you in repairing or replacing your newly purchased chair.


What size lift chair should I buy?

Various lift chair sizes and shapes can be found according to your body type, height, and weight. Read about the cushion width, the maximum weight, the seat depth, and every other measurement found for the chair you are interested in to ensure that it suits your comfort.


Lift chairs are available in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and materials! It’s important to select the right size and upholstery to suit your comfort needs. Pay close attention to the measurements given for seat width and depth. Both can make all the difference! Some options you might have for your Perfect Lift Chair are:

  • Leather; Ask for the composition of the leather upholstery you choose, and always select 100% Top-Grain Leather for longevity and aesthetic
  • Fabric or Microfiber Upholstery; Ask your salesperson if they offer any stain protection for you Perfect Lift Chair!
  • Imported or Made in America; Made in America construction is important with a chair that will be used frequently. Be sure to ask where the chair you are interested in was made, and choose Made in America whenever possible

Why buy a Perfect Lift Chair?

The Perfect Lift Chair can completely transform your home and relaxation! From watching an evening movie to playing the latest video game or even enjoying an afternoon nap, you are sure to be rejuvenated faster and for longer! A carefully designed Lift Chair will also add stunning style to your space, and expand upon your already beautiful home decor.

What other benefits are there to finding my Perfect Lift Chair?

Choosing a Made in America Lift Chair for your home does more than just provide you with immaculate comfort and style! Your purchase directly encourages the creation of countless jobs for Americans nationwide, and keeps our landfills free of unnecessary waste! Your Perfect Lift Chair will be a direct reflection of your choice to support American workers, and provide years of comfort for you, your friends, and your family!


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