Gallery Furniture Steps Up Again - Tropical Storm Beryl, 2024

Gallery Furniture was founded in 1981. Since then, every year, Gallery Furniture has given away 30 housefuls of furniture through their Christmas giveaways and has been involved in various charities and relief efforts. From Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Harvey, Tropical Storm Imelda, the winter storms, and now Tropical Storm Beryl, Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture have always stepped up to help the community.

On July 7th, as it became clear that Tropical Storm Beryl was coming to Houston, Gallery Furniture posted on social media that we were going to be part of the Tropical Storm Beryl response. At 7 AM on July 8th, Mack and Gallery Furniture leadership started making plans for the day. At 7 AM, Mack announced on Twitter that Gallery Furniture would be opening as a shelter at 8 AM.

Gallery Furniture North Freeway opened as a shelter at 8 AM, and by 8:30 AM, the Gallery Furniture high-water vehicle was on the road to rescue stranded motorists and other Houstonians in need.

Gallery Furniture started serving free breakfast at 8 AM and served hundreds of people who they rescued or who made their way to Gallery Furniture North Freeway. Free breakfast was served between 8 AM and 11 AM. By 12 noon, Gallery Furniture was cooking and serving hot barbecue to thousands of Houstonians in need of a meal, either rescued by Gallery Furniture or who made their way to Gallery Furniture North Freeway as the waters receded.

As the floodwaters went down, thousands of Houstonians who had heard about Gallery Furniture being a shelter and were in need of a place to charge their phone or eat a hot meal came to Gallery Furniture North Freeway.

Continued through July 11, Mattress Mack welcomed all Houstonians with open arms for a hot meal, clean bathrooms, lights, a playground where the kids could have fun, and a sense of community and fellowship for everyone. Free water and ice were also offered to Houstonians on July 17.

Thank you to all of the Houston area restaurants and businesses who stepped up to help Gallery Furniture support Houston during and after Tropical Storm Beryl. And thank YOU, our customers, who, for 41 years, have chosen Gallery Furniture and made our work in the community possible.

If you're in need of new furniture or a new mattress, please consider Gallery Furniture to help further enable Gallery Furniture and Mattress Mack's mission to provide the best quality furniture at the best price, delivered the same day, and to be part of the Houston community, just as the Houston community has supported and loved Mattress Mack for over 41 years.