Gallery Furniture is committed to selling top-quality, Made in America furniture and mattresses, delivered to your home TODAY . The materials that Gallery Furniture uses to build our solid wood furniture and comfortable upholstery are harvested with sustainable forestry and earth-friendly methods , so that Gallery Furniture's customers and their children have a beautiful world to live in.

Sustainable forestry consists of management practices that ensure the health and growth of America's forests for future generations. As world population explodes and the demand for wood-based products increases, responsible people are concerned about the earth and want assurances that healthy forests will always be there. The fear-inducing headlines that proclaim toxic, cancer-causing chemicals are found in products sold by leading retailers should scare every mother in America. Furniture retailers who care about people have a vested interest in ascertaining that their products conform to sustainable and healthy manufacturing practices. Cheap furniture is made to be disposable. During its life cycle, it emits cancer-causing chemicals into the air of people's homes. When thrown away, it clogs up landfills and leaches toxic chemicals into the soil. Quality, Made in America, solid wood furniture is made to endure and stay beautiful for generations to come.

Gallery Furniture encourages you to come in and experience the world's largest in-stock selection of earth-friendly, Made in America furniture, built to the highest standards of quality by American craftsmen, and using materials that ensure a better, cleaner, healthier world for your family. There is a saying that is used by those in the conservation community: "We all live downstream." What we do today will affect us tomorrow. Fill your home with beautiful furniture TODAY , to put Americans to work, to ensure your family's health and happiness, and to allow our planet to breathe a little easier.