Gallery Furniture is proud to announce that with the help of Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture, we will be offering many programs to help Houstonians succeed! WorkTexas at Gallery Furniture aims at enhancing and developing the skills of the youth in our community and this is one of our initiatives that will help obtain diplomas and certificates that will help in career advancement. Programs will include a High School/Vocational School and more to come!

We strive to uplift our fellow Houstonians and this initiative will create employment opportunities and polish the skills of individuals who wish to work or advance in their organization. This will motivate and enable a lot of students and adults to regain their confidence and join the workforce. After all, we as a community need to support each other and Mattress Mack wants to give you the opportunity to excel!

Thank you for your incredible love and support that has helped us reach these goals this far! God bless.