Mattress Mack’s Community Efforts

The Gallery Furniture Annual Christmas Giveaway began on Christmas Eve in 1983 when Mattress Mack was moved by the holiday spirit. This Yuletide inspiration led Mack to deliver furniture to families in need who lived in the area surrounding his store on I-45 North. Thousands of homes, families, and happy memories later,

Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture are proud to have upheld this tradition of surprising local individuals and families with an entire house filled with furniture for 38 years and counting.

“Many Houstonians have faced tremendous hardships and Gallery Furniture is proud to continue the tradition of providing them a little comfort, “Mack said. “We continue to surprise families every season, because of the true joy it brings.”

How to Help Mattress Mack Keep Giving

Mattress Mack greatly appreciates your support and requests that our Texas-based supporters please purchase furniture from Gallery Furniture to help keep Mack’s work in the community going. Take advantage in-stock furniture, ready for delivery TODAY by shopping with us at your favorite Gallery Furniture showroom LOCATION or shop Gallery Furniture’s online selections HERE or by calling 713-694-5570 to speak with one of our qualified sales reps.

Each purchase at Gallery Furniture helps Mattress Mack GIVE BACK!

Building a strong community is a passion of Mattress Mack’s which is why he has built a high school, an adult trade school and a childcare center at Gallery Furniture that is absolutely free to students and employees. These efforts by Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture, plus all past and future outreach initiatives, are made possible by our wonderful Gallery Furniture customers. Thanks to your Gallery Furniture purchases, Mattress Mack is able to give back to the Houston community and beyond.

If you live outside of Texas, please shop with Gallery Furniture online HERE. Gallery Furniture has furniture in-stock and we deliver inside the continental US.

Thank you and God bless!


When Mattress Mack heard about the devastation after tornados hit Kentucky late night/early morning December 2021, he immediately contacted Kentucky Senator Damon Thayer to pledge his support in disaster relief.

Mattress Mack and city officials put out the word and Houstonians turned out to help our friends in Kentucky. More than 10 loads of supplies were driven to Kentucky and delivered to people directly affected.

As Houstonians, we know what it is like to be hit with disaster, but we also know how to face these issues head on, come together as a community and come back even better! The Houston community and beyond know that MATTRESS MACK’S GOT YOUR BACK!!

Mattress Mack’s Efforts During and After Hurricane Harvey

On August 17th, 2017 Hurricane Harvey made landfall, causing over $125 billion in damage and costing countless Houstonians their homes. In the early hours of the storm, Mattress Mack heard that people needed help escaping from the rising water and began deploying delivery trucks to rescue the stranded. At one point, Mack announced that he needed help bringing those affected by the flooding to safety, and that anyone who had a valid CDL could join the rescue efforts. Mattress Mack opened both the 6006 North Freeway and 7227 West Grand Parkway South Gallery Furniture showrooms to those who needed shelter, including the National Guard. In the weeks following this historic storm, Mack distributed food, clothing, cleaning supplies and more to those in need. During this scary time, Houstonians stepped up to help their neighbors and fellow human beings in ways never seen before. This sense of solidarity made Mattress Mack even more proud to be a part of the incredible Houston community.

Mattress Mack's Efforts During Winter Storm Uri

Mattress Mack’s most recent community outreach efforts took place during Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 which caused many power and water outages across the Houston area. To combat these dangerous conditions in the community, Mattress Mack opened the 6006 N. Freeway and 7227 West Grand Parkway South Gallery Furniture showrooms as warming shelters for hundreds of Houstonians seeking warmth, water, food and other needs.

As during past natural disasters, including Hurricane Harvey, Mattress Mack felt that it was his obligation to offer these necessities of life to his neighbors. For over seventy-two hours, Gallery Furniture served more than 3,000 meals and provided overnight shelter to over 700 Uri affected Houstonians.

Mattress Mack’s Winter Storm Uri community outreach efforts didn’t end when the sun came out. In the weeks following the storm, Mack, Gallery Furniture, and many members of the community distributed more than 150,000 pounds of food and over three truckloads of bottled water to 100,000+ Houstonians in need. Thank you to Goya Foods, Houston Food Bank, Neighborhood Schools, Greene Concepts, Cajun Navy and many more wonderful community organizations, churches, and volunteers for making these efforts possible.

Mattress Mack’s Efforts During Tropical Storm Imelda

When news turned bad about imminent flooding during Tropical Storm Imelda in September 2019, Mattress Mack announced to the Houston community that all were welcome to find shelter at the 6006 N. Freeway Gallery Furniture showroom. Mack then deployed trucks to help rescue those who were stranded and in the aftermath of the storm, he worked with local leaders in disaster recovery. Mack and these disaster recovery organizations were able to help find the right resources for Houstonians who needed a range of work done to their homes to fix the water damage caused by Imelda. Additionally, free meals were distributed seven days per week for many weeks after Imelda made landfall, helping to ensure that affected Houstonians were not without food.

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