Your Support Allows Gallery Furniture To Give Back To The Community

Whether it’s a multinational corporation or a couple of kids running a lemonade stand, the goal of every business is to make a profit. Profit is what made America great and it’s what keeps America strong. Profit is the fuel that feeds the fire of motivation for ordinary Americans to take a chance and spend their last dollar on a business that they will work for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the hope that business will succeed. Many businesses fail because they cannot make enough of a profit to pay the bills and save up enough to use during slow periods. The American dream is built on the pillars of commerce and the commerce of America is based upon the small business owner risking it all and working hard for the opportunity to make their life better.

For over 30 years Jim McIngvale and Gallery Furniture have supported many local worthy causes. Jim McIngvale is devoted to the betterment of the Houston community that has always been supportive of his dreams. Living by the creed “Grateful for Everything, Entitled to Nothing”, your purchase and support allows Gallery Furniture to provide for those organizations and people who need help. Because of Gallery Furniture, Houston is the proud home of America’s first Mobile Stroke Unit. In partnership with Memorial Herman Hospital this critical emergency care unit includes a world class cardiologist, and is responsible for saving the lives of hundreds of Houstonians.

Gallery Furniture is also responsible for furnishing U.S.O.’s around the world for American service men and women to have a safe, comfortable place to relax when not on duty. Gallery Furniture’s annual Christmas giveaway has furnished over 500 homes over the past 32 years. Every year over 30 families are provided a Christmas miracle in the form of a new houseful of furniture because of your support. These are a but a few examples of Gallery Furniture’s community involvement projects that demonstrate how you are helping to make a difference. Each purchase you make from Gallery Furniture helps to create a better world through actions, not just words. Gallery Furniture invites you to make a difference, through your purchase of quality made in America furniture delivered TODAY, you are helping to provide good jobs for Americans and supporting good works throughout Houston.

Gallery Furniture Cares

  • Annual Christmas give-away furnishing 30 households of furniture every year
  • Currently furnishing all 136 USO facilities around the world Hosted events for and donated to the Salvation Army
  • Donated furniture to hundreds of teacher lounges in Houston area schools
  • Helped to raise over $12 million dollars for the Bush/Clinton fund to aid those affected by the Tsunami in Southeast Asia and Hurricane Katrina
  • Underwrote YMCA playground at Reliant Stadium for Katrina Evacuees
  • Housed several Hundred Evacuees during Hurricane Crisis
  • One of the largest contributors to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo
  • Underwrote National OCF Conference held in Houstonv
  • Instrumental in getting Meneger Clinic to move to Houston to provide Mental Health Care to Houston by providing a $4 million dollar donation
  • Donated tennis racquets to inner city kids that would not otherwise have the opportunity to take tennis lessons
  • Sole sponsor of Pilgrimage of Faith sending 500 kids and chaperons from the Galveston/Houston Catholic Dioceses to Rome
  • Fed 25,000 people Thanksgiving dinner for several years
  • Bought 10,000 toys for needy children, distributed during the holidays
  • Large contributor to Baylor College of Medicine and Harvard Medical School
  • Funded Nations First Mobile Stroke Unit (MSU)
  • Supporter of Mental Health/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OSD) In Cooperation 4.2 Million Funded for High School Scholarships
  • Major Contributor Heart Institute and Research
  • Supporter of Local High School Scholarships
  • Donated Furniture to Hundreds of Teacher’s Lounges in Houston Schools
  • Dedicated to Community Involvement through the giving of Thousands of Speeches to Houston Schools on Work Ethics & Capitalism In America
  • Donated 8,000 space facility to BrookWood Community/Special Needs
  • Donated Furniture to the Micheal DeBakey Fisher House so Families would have housing while Love Ones are sick in the Hospital
  • Donated over 60K to the Martin Luther King and NAACP Foundations
  • First Supporter of Kipp Academy Schools now a Nation Wide Program
  • Supporter of several Tier One Sleep Institute ( UH/UT )
  • Establish a Trust Fund for Fertilizer disaster in West Texas that raised over 100K for victim’s families